So on the 9th of December 2019, I found out that my mother is a narcissist. This probably isn’t groundbreaking news to anyone other than me, but this revelation has affected me in a profound way. One of the reasons why this is so profound is because I am adopted and I have been since … Continue reading Introduction

Narcissistic trait #2 – Blame

In this post I am examining another of my mother's traits Blame. This is one of the cornerstones of my mother’s narcissism and her main method of torture to all those around her. It astounds me that she is able to do this so deftly and leave (almost) everyone around her completely unaware of what … Continue reading Narcissistic trait #2 – Blame

Narcissistic traits – An introduction

So when I started learning about my mother’s narcissism, I came across an article called Narcissist Parents Are Hurt Machines to Their Children. This article lists a range of common traits that narcissists exhibit in order to maintain control of the family unit. As I read through them, my jaw kept dropping to the floor. … Continue reading Narcissistic traits – An introduction